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Simulating the world of travel for children using Google Earth.

Welcome to viaTime, the virtual transportation simulator developed by Matt Paskus. The initial phase of the application
allows children of all ages to create a virtual airline and observe their progress in real time utilizing Google Earth.


View current airlines in flight or a global timetable.

New Attractions


World Airline Flight Maps - New - When I was little, I would look at those flight magazine maps for hours, and now you can. Have fun with World Airline Flight Maps from various ar carriers (Google Map's API).

Ticket Jacket Museum -Low Band - Matt's world famous (not really) ticket jacket collection.

Ticket Jacket Museum - Flash Version - New

Brand New Game (beta) Where's My Ticket Jacket? - Flash Version - New

Mapping Tidbits View the world by creating your own maps or by becomiing your own travel agent.

For a sneak preview, try USA Map & Current Tidbits (select both items).

Coming Attractions

Timetable Import Utility - Just added - Requests have come in for creating multiple timetable entries on one screen. The form speeds data entry for those old timetables. This allows anyone who is a timetable collector to upload their own flight information. Flights and routes will be displayed in real time within GE. SNEAK PEEK!

Are We There Yet? Release Date: Winter 2014 - Family road trips will never be the same. Plan your trip through selected cities and watch your car move down the highway every day of the year. Don't forget to add your photo to a specific location as you travel the roads of the world, using Google Earth. This project will also incorporate GPS and camera ready phones.

Coming in Winter 2014 Movie Madness - Ever wanted to follow a movie script from where it starts to where it finishes. Track Indiana Jones, Herby, or James Bond through the scene site locations and map the locations. Movie Madness will allow you to upload your research (long, lat, & scene description) and collectivly track each movie. You will never watch movies the same way again.

Railroad Baron's take note, TRAINS Are Coming In Spring 2014 - Utilize present day and historical railroad lines to move your cargo from one town to another. GE offers the perfect platform.

Java version coming soon

Huxley College, Department of Geography, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA USA

EGEO452 Completed: 6/2006

viaTime Poster Presentation(pdf) Available.

Sponsorship Welcome. Contact Matt