Account Creation


Welcome to viaTime account creation.  After completing this form, you are on your way to creating your virtual airline's time table.  After filing out the form, it will return you to the login page.    You may want to create a graphic for your airline's tail logo.  The logo you create will be imported and scaled into viaTime.   Profiles are coming in September!


Step I
Provide you email address.  This is your key to unlocking all the activities within viaTime

Step II
Enter A password(15 Characters Max)

Step III
Enter a name for your airline.  This can be any neat name you may have. Remember you are the boss, owner, CEO, captain, and financial tycoon. The name is all yours.
Step IV
Enter a motto for your new airline.  Mottos are used to help promote your airline and help sell seats for your airline(optional) .
Step V
Enter the country or location where you live(optional) .
Step VI
Enter the timezone for flight departures where you live   (PST is the current default)(optional) .

Step VII
The last step is to create a graphic for upload.  This can be either a gif, png, or jpg file.  The image will be scaled to a 30 pixel by 30 pixel image(optional) .

Logo:  (max size 25KB)